Barn Name: Brego
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 12 years old

Sanctuary resident since October 2009. Brego arrived with his herdmate, Maverick, on a cold and rainy October day. Brego arrived underweight with ribs and hips showing. With diligent refeeding, Brego blossomed into a fine gelding. We sent Brego for some education but after 45 days of training, we discovered that Brego has a back/hip issue, rendering him unrideable. Brego is now the resident "Walmart Greeter". He has a very soft soul and prefers to keep out of the lime light. 

Brego does have underlining health issues that render him a hard keeper after a long winter. By March of every year, Brego begins to drop weight no matter how much feed he consumes. For that reason, Brego is in the Hard Keeper Feed Program and is looking for a sponsor.

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary

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