Borderlands Horse Sanctuary

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To provide great care, we need your help. Every dollar counts. Support senior horses and horses with special needs at the Sanctuary and in your area.


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provide a dignified, permanent retirement for senior horses

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our mission:

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit within the State of South Dakota.  We provide senior horses and horses with special needs a dignified retirement home and treat each horse individually for their care and needs. It all started in May 2006, when an unhandled yearling stud came to the Sanctuary. In 2011, the focus changed from any horse to senior horses and horses with special needs. In 2016, the Sanctuary officially became a non-profit in the state of South Dakota. Borderlands Horse Sanctuary looks forward to meeting and caring for senior horses for years to come.

Respect your elders and they will provide you with wisdom beyond their  years.



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